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Hahnemühle has been a world leader in the field of high-end papers since it's inception in Germany in 1584. It's Digital Fine Art Collection of papers meet and exceed the most exacting museum quality standards. Under the proper conditions images are designed to maintain their original look and feel for 100 years from the time of printing. 

At present, the following Hahnemühle papers are being offered, but I am happy to accommodate requests for other paper types, as well as offering advice on a range of specialized papers suited to your particular needs.

1) Hahnemühle Photo Semi-Gloss Baryta 315 is a 100% cellulose acid-free smooth bright white paper with a noble finish that closely resembles the look of a traditional silver halide photo paper.

2) Hahnemühle Photorag is a 100% cotton acid-and lignin-free paper valued for high-quality Fine Art inkjet printing. It boasts a lightly defined felt structure with a flat matte finish, and produces outstanding prints with brilliant colors, deep blacks, striking contrasts and a wonderfully soft feel.


The photographs displayed were taken with Nikon and Sony camera systems, both film and digital. With the exception of a handful of images shot on the classic Hasselblad X-Pan film camera, all images were created on one or another of the above mentioned systems.

While most of the images conform to the most widely recognized rectangular aspect ratio of 3:2, some images have a 4:3 aspect ratio. This makes them still rectangular, but less elongated in appearance than the traditional 3:2 format. The X-Pan camera has a very wide aspect ratio of 16:9, and is ideal for capturing large panoramic scenes.

As a result, the size of an image will vary in proportion to the size of paper the image is printed upon. For instance, an image with a 3:2 aspect ratio will appear like this:

On the same size paper, an image with a 4:3 aspect ratio will look like this:

And an image with a 16:9 aspect ratio will appear like this:Bear in mind that when considering an image for purchase that pricing is based upon the final paper size, not image size.

I will happily accommodate any special size requests for images you may have, while keeping the final price in line with the standard sizes provided.

Please contact me directly to discuss any special requests or questions.
I am here to serve you. 


Please exercise extreme care at all times when handling prints, particularly upon removing from packaging. Cotton gloves are always recommended.

If possible, prints should remain unopened in original packaging, and only opened when presented to the framer of your choice.


How are the prints packaged for shipping?
All prints are packaged in industrial grade cardboard tubes.

Do you ship internationally?

Note: Any customs/duties fees you may encounter are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Regarding shipping of framed prints from the 50 Shades Darker collection:

Due to their size and weight, shipping charges will apply to any sales from the Fifty Shades of Grey Gallery.

Prior to purchase, please contact for rate estimates based on your location.

Thank you.


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